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What is Re-Pointing and Does Your Roof Need It?

Repairs & maintenance to your roof can be daunting enough without the additional confusion that comes along with the different roofing terms and what they actually mean for your roof! With storm season fast approaching many homes are beginning to carry out their...

Solar Panels & Your Roof

With over a half a million solar panels installed across Queensland, we are getting more and more customers ask us questions about solar and their roof! In this blog post, James the owner of Brisbane Roofing Solutions, answers all your frequently asked questions when...

Why Is Your Roof Leaking?

Roof leaks can be of great concern to homeowners and often will want to identify the issue right away! Sometimes roof leaks can be as simple as some cracked tiles, however this is not always the case. James Kelly, the owner of Brisbane Roofing Solutions, has complied...

Benefits of Pressure Cleaning Your Roof

  A simple pressure clean of your roof can not only improve the overall appearance of your roof but also has many other benefits which can even save you money in the long run! In this article James Kelly, owner of Brisbane Roofing Solutions, explains the process...

Roof Algae, Lichen and Mould

    Algae, mould and lichen are common and unwanted features on many roofs particular throughout Queensland due to the large amounts of humidity. It can often be hard to distinguish between these three and what you need to do in order to remove it from your...

Will A New Roof Increase The Value Of Your Home?

  Many people often make the mistake of thinking that your roof is not an important consideration when it comes to valuing a home. This is totally false!! Your roof not only protects your home and everything inside but is also one of the largest and most obvious...
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