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Brisbane Metal Roofing Experts

Do you look at your metal roof and see rust, faded paint, missing screws and simply just a tired old roof? Then it’s time to give your metal roof some TLC with a metal roof restoration by Brisbane Roofing Solutions.

At Brisbane Roofing Solutions we provide top quality Brisbane metal roofing services. We only use the very best quality metal roofing products formulated especially for the harsh Australian climate.

Why choose Brisbane Roofing Solutions?

Brisbane Roofing Solutions are experts in all aspects of Metal Roofing and Colorbond Roof Restoration.

We’ll come out and do a professional appraisal which will include giving you an honest opinion on whether the condition of your metal roof is suitable for a metal roof restoration or is better suited for a total roof replacement.

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Our team of roofing experts are always here to assist you with your enquiry. Feel free to give us a call during business hours or to send your details and we will be in touch shortly!

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What’s the difference between a tiled roof restoration and metal roof restoration?

If your roofer has never repaired, painted or restored a metal roof, then do not sign on the dotted line!

Metal Roofing requires a metal roofing specialist. The products we use at Brisbane Roofing Solutions are formulated specifically for restoring metal roofing, and the process is unique to metal roofing.

A metal roof restoration follows a similar process to this:

Metal Roof Restoration Process

  1. Pressure clean roof surface and guttering
  2. Rinse down
  3. Replace old lead nails or rusted screws
  4. Replace sheets where necessary
  5. Apply penetrol rust inhibitor to all surface rust
  6. Apply 1 coat metal primer
  7. Apply 2 coats roof membrane coating

Brisbane Roofing Solutions recommend and use Globalcote Roof Coatings on all Metal, Iron and Colorbond Roof Restorations.


Are you ready for your metal roof to look brand new again? Why not give us a call and ask for an assessment. You will be surprised at our prices and delighted with our service. Call (07) 3276 1546 or email us your details using our secure contact form and we will call you right back.