Solar Panels & Your Roof

With over a half a million solar panels installed across Queensland, we are getting more and more customers ask us questions about solar and their roof! In this blog post, James the owner of Brisbane Roofing Solutions, answers all your frequently asked questions when it comes to roofing & solar panels.

What order should we do a roof restoration & solar works in?

Restoring your roof and installing solar panels should be carried out in a two-part process. First the solar installation company should come in and install the solar brackets on the roof. After this, we will then carry out the roof restoration works that are required. Once all works are complete the  solar company will come and install the panels. This minimises the amount of work that needs to be carried out after the roof restoration to minimise the risk of any damage that may occur. Additionally, it is important to carry out roofing works prior to installing panels to ensure that the roof is secure before installation.

Can I paint my roof if I already have solar panels installed?

Yes! You can certainly paint your roof even if you already have solar installed. In this case there are two options. Option 1 is to have the solar panels removed by an electrician and we will then carry out the roof restoration. This is a more costly option as this requires the services of an electrician to remove and reinstall the panels. Alternatively, the panels can actually be left on the roof throughout the process of the restoration. In this case, our team will mask up the panels to ensure no paint gets on the panels and we will paint as far under the solar panels as possible. Aesthetically speaking, you won’t be able to tell that under the panels has not been fully painted.


Can the roofing team remove the solar panels or do I have to arrange for someone else to remove them?

The removal of solar panels requires the expertise of a qualified electrician! Although our roofing team can’t remove the solar panels for you, we do have a qualified electrician who we can recommend. Our friendly office staff are happy to arrange a quote for remove & re-installation and can co-ordinate all works with the electrician as well. This makes it a stress-free process for you!

How soon can I put solar panels on my roof after painting?

We typically recommend waiting between 10 – 12 before installing or re-installing panels. This is to ensure the membrane coatings have fully cured before installers walk over the roof. Whilst the roof coatings are safe to walk on prior to this, it is best to wait to ensure that no dents or damage occurs to the fresh paint coatings.

If you are thinking of installing solar on your roof be sure to contact us to carry out a roof inspection prior to installing! It is important to ensure your roof is watertight and secure before installing panels to avoid costly removals and repair works in the future. To book in your free roof inspection contact the roofing experts at Brisbane Roofing Solutions today!