Terracotta Roof Restoration

Brisbane Terracotta Roofing Experts For Over 20 Years!

Brisbane Roofing Solutions are known for our roof tiling and terracotta roof restoration expertise.

Terracotta roof restoration is one of our most popular services due to the number of properties in and around Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba that have terracotta and tile roofing. Our priority is leaving you with a beautiful, sparkling roof that adds value to your home. No more broken tiles, no more moss covered or faded roof tiles. We will have your roof shining bright!


What is the difference between a terracotta roof restoration and a regular tile roof restoration?

Certain terracotta tiles require a special terracotta glaze. If a regular roof coating is applied there will be no adhesion between the terracotta tile and roof coating.

After 20 years working with Terracotta Roofing, Brisbane Roofing Solutions know exactly what your terracotta roof requires.

What are the signs your terracotta roof needs a roof restoration?

Mould growing on the terracotta tiles are a significant sign your terracotta roof needs repair or restoring.

Mould growing on the tile not only has a negative impact on the tile surface causing it to break down, but mould and mould spores are particularly bad for health. Mould is a common cause of respiratory infections and asthma, so if you notice signs of mould on your terracotta roof you need to call us immediately.

Why are Brisbane Roofing Solutions the Terracotta Roof Restoration Specialists?

We have been providing terracotta roof restorations, terracotta roof repairs and terracotta roofing services for over 20 years to homes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our roofers are fully trained in terracotta and know all about the best treatments to protect your terracotta roof against the harsh Queensland climate.

  • We are fully trained in tile roof restoration
  • We are fully trained in terracotta products
  • We have over 20 years experience in terracotta roof restoration
  • We are affordable and only use specific terracotta products on your roof
  • We are the trusted name in roofing
  • Our terracotta roof restoration processes are unique and proven to last.


Our team of roofing experts are always here to assist you with your enquiry. Feel free to give us a call during business hours or to send your details and we will be in touch shortly!

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