Coming into the summer months many people search for the most effective cooling solution for their house but at the most cost-effective price. Whirlybirds are just one cost-effective solution that many Australians employ to help keep them cool in the summer months!

Whirlybirds are extremely popular within Brisbane & surrounds due to our hot and humid climate. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions Brisbane Roofing Solutions receives about whirlybirds. To read more click here to visit our whirlybird page.

How are Whirlybirds Installed?

TILED ROOF: We remove a tile from the third row down from the ridge, fit the flashings, silicone and then install the turbine.

METAL ROOF: Cut a section of roof sheeting, fit the flashings in line with the corrugations/ribs, silicone & install the turbine.

What wind speeds can a whirlybird withstand?

The Edmonds WindMaster that is used by Brisbane Roofing Solutions can withstand up to 240km per hour!

Do Whirlybirds need Wind to Work?

No!  Whirlybirds come in two varieties – active and passive. Passive vents require wind to spin the turbine, while active units are mechanically-driven and turn continuously, making a permanent vacuum effect regardless of wind speed

How many Whirlybirds do I need?

We recommend 1 whirlybird per 100m2, the typical home will usually require 2 whirlybirds.

Can Whirlybirds be coloured matched to my roof?

Yes! Edmonds whirlybirds come in 28 different colours. See the colour chart below


What are Eave Vents & do I need them?

Eave vents provide an inflow of cool, fresh air into the roof space. Eave vents can be used in conjunction with whirlybirds to make them more effective, they increase the flow rate of air throughout the roof cavity and the exhaust rate of hot air through the whirlybirds. We typically recommend 2 eave vents per whirlybird. However, if you have a tiled roof that does not have sarking installed no eave vents will be required as the tiles will breath naturally.

Can Whirlybirds be repaired?

Yes, whirlybirds can be repaired. However, Brisbane Roofing Solutions typically does not recommend this. Most common cause of

failure is broken/rusted bearings and once these are gone issues typically continue so replacement will usually be most cost effective. New whirlybirds installed by Brisbane Roofing Solutions come with a 10 year warranty so you can be guaranteed peace of mind.

Do Whirlybirds come in different sizes?

Yes! A typical home will take a 300mm Windmaster Whirlybird, larger homes / commercial properties will require a 400mm SupaVent.

If you are interested in having whirlybirds installed in your home or have any questions about the whirlybirds feel free to contact our friendly staff on 07 3276 1546 or fill out a contact form here.