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What’s the purpose of Whirlybirds?

A Whirlybird is a roof ventilator which does not require any power to significantly cool your home.  They are low maintenance and do more than just cool your home.

How do Whirlybirds work?

Roof ventilators work by sucking hot air up and out through the roof reducing the temperature in your home by as much as 20 degrees in summer!

Every Queensland Home Needs Roof Ventilation

If you live anywhere which has a warm or tropical climate, a whirlybird is necessary for your whirlybird installation home. Being a cost free (apart from original purchase and installation) way to cool your home in hot weather, if you have air conditioning your whirlybird will work even more superbly.

Does a whirlybird need wind to work?

No. This is a common misconception among homeowners. Whirlybirds do not require high wind speeds to be able to work efficiently. Whirlybirds work with or without high wind speeds.

How much do whirlybirds cost?

In fact these incredible roof ventilators are relatively cheap to purchase and install. You should make sure the quality is one which ensures your whirlybird will last many years. Our whirlybirds all come with a 10 year warranty.

For Brisbane whirlybird installation contact us at Brisbane Roofing Solutions on (07) 3276 1546, or why not message us via our Facebook Page!


At Brisbane Roofing Solutions we only use the best quality Whirlybirds which is why we rely on Edmonds Whirlybirds for your home.


Installing a roof ventilator is simple, however we do advise having the installation carried out by a qualified roofer. And why not kill two birds with one stone? We will happily carry out a free roof inspection prior to installation and let you know if there are any problems with your roof which might need attention at some stage.

Tracey Munn
Tracey Munn
23:49 15 Nov 17
We have just had our tile roof restored by Brisbane Roofing Solutions. They guys did such an amazing job, our roof was in need of repair and upgrading, it looks like a brand new tile roof! Thanks so much to Jim and the team :)
clinton smith
clinton smith
09:56 23 Nov 17
The team of Brisbane Roofing Solutions did a wonderful job for our house. They were the consummate professionals in all areas of concern. They completed the project in four days. They were meticulous and left the job site in immaculate condition
Mason Sizer
Mason Sizer
11:02 05 Dec 17
I am very impressed with the work Brisbane roofing solutions did for my house. The best part is they have completed the task within the prescribed time and budget. Thank You so much!
Nolene Wood
Nolene Wood
09:52 16 Nov 17
Brisbane Roofing Solutions would have to be one of the most efficient, professional, respectful team of business people that delivers on quality and reliability. They get my vote in all areas of their business and if you choose them to restore your roof you have backed a winner. Well done!
John Chew
John Chew
15:50 28 Nov 17
Brisbane Roofing Solutions did a great job. I am really happy with roof restoration services. Friendly and genuine team that didn’t add any surprise cost at the end. I will definitely recommend to all.
Brown Jones
Brown Jones
05:22 14 Dec 17
I am very happy with the services. From the start to finish, everything was informed clearly. The best part is that they provided quality services at very reasonable cost. I would recommend Brisbane Roofing Solutions to all.
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