Having roofing works done on your property can be daunting enough without the added confusion of all the different types of terminology used in the roofing industry! There’s nothing worse than receiving a roof report and having no idea what any of it actually means! The team at Brisbane Roofing Solutions are committed to providing you with a stress-free quoting process, so we have compiled the following list to make understanding those quotes just a little bit easier! This list can also help you to do a visual inspection of your roof from the ground and determine if you need to book in a free quote!

Ridge Capping: These are triangular shaped tiles that sit at the highest point of the roof where two roof areas intersect. Broken ridge tiles are a cause for concern as these are likely to lead to leaks and is a good indication that it is time to have your roof inspected for any other maintenance required. Roof reports may refer to these tiles simply as ‘capping’.

Gable Tiles: The triangular part of the end wall of a building with a sloping roof. Roof reports may also refer to these as ‘barges’.

Valley: A metal channel that runs along the slope where two roof areas intersect. As these are made from metal they can often rust and if left untreated may cause leaks. Valleys can also collect branches, leaves and other debris that can also lead to leaks. This is often something that you are able to visually inspect yourself from the ground.

Pointing: This is a pre-mixed flexible material used for the completion of joints between ridge or hips and with roof tiles or tiles at gable ends. If you notice cracks in your pointing it is time to book in a quote with one of the professionals from BRS! Cracks in your pointing can cause leaks or even the dislodgement of ridge tiles. In many quotes and roof reports that will refer to this procedure as ‘re-pointing’.

Bedding: This is a composition of sand and cement for fixing ridge capping on hips and ridges. Similar to above, quotes and re-reports will refer to this procedure as ‘re-bedding’.

Eaves: Large horizontal board that holds both the gutter and the fascia.

Fascia: Small vertical board that sits underneath the gutter.

Sarking: This is a sisalation foil fixed under the tile battens which provides additional waterproofing and protection from roof leaks. Sarking is a great way to ensure your home is safeguarded from all potential roof leaks. Sarking can also be a fire retardant and stop dust from entering the home

Moss/Lichen/Mould: These are green looking spots that appear all over your roof. Depending on whether it is moss, lichen or mould can vary how much damage it does to your but either way it not only has a negative impact on the tile surface causing it to break down, but are also particularly bad for health. Sometimes it can be hard to determine if your roof is simply dirty or contains moss/lichen/mould so a quote from a roofing professional may assist you in determining this.

Flashing: These are thin pieces of impervious material installed to prevent the passage of water into a structure from a joint. Flashing that is not correctly sealed is also another concern for leaks. Unfortunately, flashing is often unable to be seen from the ground so an inspection by a professional may be required.

Whirlybird: A wind driven, roof mounted, aluminium ventilator designed to exhaust heat and moisture from the roof space.


Hopefully this list has helped you to understand the in’s and out’s of your roof! If you think it’s time to book in a quote for your roof, contact Brisbane Roofing Solutions today to receive a full roof report from a qualified roofer.