Leaking Roof Repairs

Worried you might have a leaking roof in need of repair?

A roof leak will not repair itself. That may be stating the obvious, yet too many homeowners leave the roof leak thinking the leak won’t get any worse.

The problem is, if a roof leak is left untouched, what happens when it rains? All is fine when the sun is out, but when the rain comes (and we all know Queensland has a harsh wet season) you risk damaging the structure of your roof if you don’t fix the leak early.

Signs You Have a Leaking Roof

Water dripping from the roof
The first sign us usually the one ringing alarm bells, there is water dripping from the roof. Unfortunately when it gets to that stage damage may have already occurred. If you are using a bucket to catch the water it’s serious! Definitely call today.

Watermarks on the roof
Another alert. We once had a customer with a plaster roof who let the watermark get bigger and bigger, until one night the pressure became too much, the plaster cracked and the water came gushing in. Never let it get to this stage.

Stains or spots on the roof
Any pooling of spots or stains, generally a yellowy-brown colour, are a strong indication there is a leak. Again, you need a roofer asap.

Missing roof tiles
Whilst the leaking may not have started just yet, broken or missing roof tiles are very likely to cause leaks. We offer a free inspection, take advantage of this and let us check your roof.

Sagging of the roof
Wet plaster will sag. Any sign of a sagging roof is a strong indicator of a leak.


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