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Worried you might have a leaking roof requiring repairs? Here are some key warning signs you have a roof leak which requires attention sooner rather than later!

Signs You Have a Leaking Roof

  • Water dripping from the roof
    The first sign us usually the one ringing alarm bells, there is water dripping from the roof. Unfortunately when it gets to that stage damage may have already occurred. If you are using a bucket to catch the water it’s serious! Definitely call today.
  • Watermarks on the roof
    Another alert. We once had a customer with a plaster roof who let the watermark get bigger and bigger, until one night the pressure became too much, the plaster cracked and the water came gushing in. Never let it get to this stage.
  • Stains or spots on the roof
    Any pooling of spots or stains, generally a yellowy brown colour, are a strong indication there is a leak. Again, you need a roofer asap.
  • Missing roof tiles
    Whilst the leaking may not have started just yet, broken or missing roof tiles are very likely to cause leaks. We offer a free inspection, take advantage of this and let us check your roof.
  • Sagging of the roof
    Wet plaster will sag. Any sign of a sagging roof is a strong indicator of a leak.

Why You Must Act Now

Did you tick any of the above signs? Our advice is that your next step is to contact us. There are a number of reasons you need to act now and take your leaking roof seriously.

Insurance Coverage

Not many people are aware of this, however, if your roof has existing damage prior to anything major occurring, your insurance company may very well not cover you for the damage. In the case of our customer with the burst plaster, there was a roof leak for over 6 months before the eruption. The repair bill came to over $3000, and they weren’t covered.

Further Damage

A roof leak will not go away by itself. It won’t heal. You need to hire a professional roofer to fix the leak (for a minimal fee) before there is major structural damage costing you a small fortune to repair.

Water Causes Rot

That’s right, water causes rot, alongside mould, algae, and damp. As mentioned above, a leaking roof will not heal itself, and the cost to replace wooden beams, plaster and roofing is a lot pricier than fixing a small leak.

Preventing A Roof Leak

No signs of internal damage from a roof leak? Great news. There is a way to prevent a leaking roof from happening. Get our team to come out for your free roof inspection, and carry out any small maintenance roof repairs. Roof maintenance and prevention is a lot less costly than the damage from a roof leak.

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