When it comes to roof restoration there is no one size fits all approach as different roof types require unique restoration applications. In this article,  James Kelly, owner of Brisbane Roofing Solutions, explains just what is required to restore concrete, terracotta, metal and decramastic roofing profiles.


Concrete tiles are the most economical durable roofing material on the market. Just like concrete bridges and the structural elements of buildings, concrete tiles get stronger with age[1]. The hydration reaction between water & cement causes the cement to strengthen over time. Tiles are low maintenance, highly insulating and long wearing with a minimum life span on 20 years. The benefit of concrete tiles is its colour longevity and flexibility. Concrete roof tiles come in the widest range of colours and profiles and you can update the look of your roof with a simple re-coat1.

Typical Maintenance Includes:

  • Changing Tiles
  • Re-pointing
  • Re-bedding

A roof restoration on a concrete tiled roof by Brisbane Roofing Solutions will include all maintenance required as well as pressure cleaning the roof, one coat of primer and two coats of colour to bring your roof back to life! The pictured roof was restored by BRS earlier this year in Globalcote colour ‘Joey’.



Terracotta, which means ‘baked earth’ in Italian, is a type of clay-based ceramic which is used to create roof tiles. Tiles made from terracotta are a very commonly used roofing material in Australia and around the world, and they’ve been widely used on roofs for a very long time. Terracotta tiles are available either unglazed, in their distinctive, natural red-orange colour, or glazed to provide different finishes and colours[2].


Typical Maintenance Includes:

  • Changing tiles
  • Fungicidal wash
  • Re-pointing

A terracotta roof restoration by Brisbane Roofing Solutions includes all maintenance required as well as pressure cleaning the roof, applying membrane coatings to valleys & vent pipes if required and an optional Terracotta Sealer Glaze. Terracotta tiles are now also able to be painted in an array of colour options! Pictured is a terracotta roof restored by BRS with the terracotta sealer glaze.



While metal roofs are also available using other materials (including tin), the vast majority of metal roofs that are installed these days are steel roofs. This is mainly due to steel’s cost, durability, longevity and strength, all of which make it a very versatile roofing material. Colourbond® is a very popular roofing product within Queensland and comes in many profiles, with the most popular being Trimdeck, Custom Orb and Clip-lock.


Typical Maintenance Required:

  • Treating rust with Penetrol Rust Inhibitor
  • Replacing screws

A roof restoration by Brisbane Roofing Solutions would include all maintenance as well as pressure cleaning the roof, applying one coat of metal primer and two coats of colour. The pictured roof was completed in Globalcote colour ‘Monument’.



Decramastic tiles are pressed metal tile sheets made from galvanised steel with a bitumen coating. This roofing style is no longer used in Australia as it is renowned for leaking and causing endless water damage to homes. The bitumen coating would crack from hail and other weather elements causing even more damage. They would also lose their aesthetic look overtime leaving it looking worn and tiresome. These are not to be confused with metal roofing tiles which are a roll form pressed tile from steel coil’s using COLORBOND® steel and UNICOTE® steel with .550 tensile strength. [3]


Typical Maintenance Includes:

– Remove dents in tiles where necessary

– Re-screw / nail where necessary

A roof restoration by Brisbane Roofing Solutions would include maintenance, pressure cleaning, one coat of primer and possible re-stoning in necessary as well as two coats of colour. Pictured is a decramastic roof PRE-RESTORATION. As can be seen much of the bitumen coating is worn back down to bear tin and would require re-stoning.


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