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how to restore a roof


The information we have provided on how to restore a roof is simply for information purposes only. We have listed the process we use so you, our customer, know the steps involved in restoring a roof. However, there are industry products, testing and safety procedures we use as roofing professionals which protect you and your home. Please contact us should you require a roof restoration.

Brisbane Roofing Solutions do not recommend you attempt a roof restoration without the knowledge, qualifications or experience of a skilled roofer. Below is the 12 step roof restoration process we follow at Brisbane Roofing Solutions.


Step 1– Temporary roof edge protection is erected and or safety harnesses used as per industry workplace requirements.

Step 2– Where necessary all ridge capping will be removed and rebedded using a sand and cement bed mixed at a ratio of : 4 parts brickies loam to 1 part cement (water added.)

Step 3– All broken ridge, barge, and roof tiles are replaced (age and profile matched.)

Step 4– Using high-pressure water cleaner’s the entire roof area is cleaned at 3600psi using specifically designed turbo and fan jet nozzles ensuring a better clean (preparation of the tiled surface is crucial to the overall success of the restored roof.)

Step 5– Surrounding gutters, external walls, and paths are washed down to remove any roof grime.

Step 6– All ridge capping and gables without a specifically designed barge tile are repointed using flexipoint ridge security.

Step 7– The entire roof is then blown down using a blower vac. All gables and flashings are hand painted. Windows, solar hot water systems, skylights etc, are covered and or masked to avoid overspray.

Step 8– One coat of primer/sealer is applied which firstly penetrates into the tile surface allowing adhesion between the tile and top coats. Secondly, sterilize’s the tile surface killing off any fungi spores.

Step 9– Two colour coat’s are applied using a 100% pure acrylic polymer roof membrane coating applied with an airless spray gun.

Step 10– Site is thoroughly cleaned and all rubbish removed. All temporary roof edge protection is removed.

Step 11– A final roof inspection is carried out by James (owner/operator). Ensuring all work is completed to the owner’s and James’s satisfaction.

Step 12– A 10-year warranty guaranteeing all workmanship and materials is issued upon completion of work.

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