Thinking of buying a Home or an investment property?;

‘You make money when you buy a home, not when you sell it.’

Jim Kelly from Brisbane Roofing Solutions has worked in the Brisbane roofing and home improvement industry for 30 years.
During this time, he has heard many stories from customers who have bought homes without first calculating their future return on investment; in particular from investors.

When buyers become sellers, there are things to consider. With this in mind, Jim has been able to understand and appreciate that you make money when you buy a home, not when you sell it.

This idea can be a little difficult to consider.

‘You make money when you buy a home. Not when you sell it.’

How you make money when you buy property

You might be thinking.. “What does this mean?!.. How can you MAKE money when you BUY? Well, let us break it down for you.

Whilst, at Brisbane Roofing Solutions, we focus this ideal primarily on how you can get your roof in the most sales-worthy condition, it is integral to consider the property as a whole. You may have heard it before, ‘Buy the worst home, in the best neighbourhood’. If you have, you’ll know it’s an investor’s clever strategy.

Not everyone can buy a million-dollar mansion on the coast without concern; It’s just not realistic to buy the best of the best, and it’s potentially not even going to ensure you any kind of profit when re-selling. But if you’re being smart about buying or investing, an option is to focus on good streets /neighbourhoods and pay special attention to the house in need of the most improvement there. This is also most likely to be the most decently priced.

If you then spend the time doing the house up and investing in its features, you have automatically acquired a Great house on a great street. There you go. Value added; Re-selling will be a breeze. You’ve spent less when you buy. And you’ll make more when you sell. It’s reasonably simple.


Add value to your home by restoring the roof

One of the ways to add value to a property is through the crown of the house; the roof. And that’s where we at Brisbane Roofing Solutions step in.

Picture this. You buy a home. It looks great, you’re over the moon, it has all the functions you want and in a great location. Great price, confident offer. Excellent; it’s all going great right now, and it seems like a fair deal.

But..Do you know when the roof was last restored? What roofing works have been carried out in the past? Do you understand the roof assessment in the Building and pest report, or the scope of works supplied? The roof may look alright now, but what really needs to be done up there! Is it really in the best, safest condition?

If it has been 8+ years since your roof has been restored, you may want to consider investing in one; or at a minimum roof maintenance, e.g. repointing, replace broken tiles etc.

Having your roof restored, and in tip top condition allows you confidence in not only an aesthetically pleasing home, but the security of a -Structurally and financially- sound roof over your head. You can also be comforted in knowing you won’t encounter damage from overdue works and have actually added value to your home.

So whether or not your roof requires upkeep now or you know it will in the future, Brisbane roofing solutions believe that you are saving by handling these issues at the time of purchase..

Or, as soon as possible! A perfect roof now means less to fix later, which in short means money saved.

Selling a home that leaks, peeling paint, ridge capping in poor condition, damage to ceilings or worse is a bad return on investment.

You might have been better off restoring the roof earlier, and keeping up to date for more manageable prices. Return on investment is a big ideal to consider in any area of your home.

So the key point is, Brisbane roofing solutions believe that when you buy a home you will be best off ensuring it is up to date, safe and restored.

By waiting, you put yourself in the danger zone of expense overload in the future, attempting to fix overdue issues…or potentially needing to build it back from scratch; Wave goodbye to the pillow earnings from your sale, and hello to bargaining the sale price.

SO again.. You make money when you buy a home, not when you sell.

When deciding whether or not to invest in your roof at the time of purchase, its best to contact roofing experts to give you the best idea on how to ensure you are putting yourself in the best position possible as a buyer and owner, and “making money when you buy!”.

At Brisbane roofing solutions we offer free quotes; servicing all over Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We offer Roof restorations, Roof maintenance and Exterior painting so you can rest assured that your roof is in its best shape now and for the long term. We provide a safe roof over your head and ensure the best possible return on your investment.

So if you’re ready to ‘raise the roof’ when you purchase your new home, and want to be assured you have done all you can for a positive buy + sell experience, give the team at Brisbane roofing solutions a call to book your assessment and quote.

-Jim and the Team.

On your side.