A complete tiled roof restoration carried out by Brisbane Roofing Solutions will bring your roof back to life by carrying out all repairs required and apply fresh coats of paint for a new look! It will typically take our team two to three days to carry out all works on your roof. When it comes to roof restorations every roof is different and we tailor each to suit the customer’s needs. In this article James Kelly, owner of Brisbane Roofing Solutions, discusses the typical process followed when restoring a tiled roof.



In the first instance we will organise for temporary roof edge to be erected at your property as per industry workplace requirements. This will typically happen 1-2 days prior to our team starting works.



Where necessary all ridge capping will be removed and re-bedded using a sand and cement bed mixed at a ratio of: 4 parts brickies loam to 1-part cement (water added). This is a process of fixing ridge capping on hips and ridges.



Our team will then begin the process of replacing all broken tiles found on the roof. This includes ridge, valley & barge tiles. When replacing tiles, we make sure age and profile are matched to the existing roof tiles to ensure consistency.



Next, our team will then clean the roof down using high-pressure water cleaner’s at 5000psi using specifically designed turbo and fan jet nozzles ensuring a better clean (preparation of the tiled surface is crucial to the overall success of the restored roof). In some instances, your roof may be required to pressure cleaned twice to ensure the proper adhesion of coatings. This is because your roof may have been painted before and is peeling and in poor condition.



Surrounding gutters, external walls, and paths are washed down to remove any roof grime.



Next, ridge capping and gables will be re-pointed using Flexipoint Ridge Security.



The entire roof is then blown down using a blower vac. All gables and flashings are hand painted. Windows, solar hot water systems, skylights etc, are covered and or masked to avoid overspray.


Step 8

One coat of primer/sealer is applied which firstly penetrates into the tile surface allowing adhesion between the tile and top coats. Secondly, sterilizes the tile surface killing off any fungi spores.


Step 9

After the primer is applied, we come to the most exciting step! Two colour coats are applied using a 100% pure acrylic polymer roof membrane coating applied with an airless spray gun.

Step 10

Optional Fourth Coat: Nano Protect is a revolutionary Ultra Premium Clear Protective Top Coat which can now be applied to all roof surfaces. Key benefits of this product are increased dirt pick up resistance, which essentially makes the roof self cleaning; increased UV resistance, which protects the colour coating below from fading; increased scratch and mark resistance, and excellent gloss retention. Using Nano Protect as a final coat over Roof Membrane Coatings will increase the life of the coating system immensely and making colour fading a thing of the past.

Step 11

Site is thoroughly cleaned, and all rubbish removed. All temporary roof edge protection is removed.

Step 12

A final roof inspection is carried out. Ensuring all work is completed to the owner’s and James’s satisfaction.

Step 13

A 10-year warranty guaranteeing all workmanship and materials is issued upon completion of work.


A tiled roof restoration can truly bring your roof and your home back to life! Check out some of the amazing tiled roof restoration before & afters carried out by BRS!


If you think a roof restoration is what your home is in need of contact the experts at Brisbane Roofing Solutions today! We will arrange for one of our team to come out and provide you with a free quote on your roof.