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A well-kept roof can add value to your home. If there are any problems with your roof, you must act immediately to prevent further damage. Ignoring the problem will simply make it worse and you might have to completely replace it. Not to mention the fact that your home could suffer structural damage caused by dampness or leaks.

Signs of Roof Damage

The most common signs of roof damage are leaks, broken tiles, as well as mould or moss. Without an immediate repair, the roof would be susceptible to water damage. Another big problem is that your insurance company might refuse to pay for repairs. If they realise that the roof was not maintained properly, they will not cover any subsequent damage. The best course of action will always be to face the issue as soon as possible and call a team of professionals that can perform a roof restoration.

Roof Replacement Vs. Roof Restoration

There are many great reasons to choose a roof restoration over a roof replacement. The first one is, of course, price. Restoring a roof will cost a fraction of a complete replacement and, if done properly, you can expect a similar result. Another advantage is that the job will not take as long. A roof restoration in Brisbane will allow you to get back to your regular routine and enjoy your home sooner. A high-quality job will make your home more attractive and, in most cases, can last up to 10 years. To ensure that a roof restoration is a right decision in your case, you must get in touch with a professional that can carefully assess the condition of your roof.

Roof Coatings – A Vital Part Of The Roof Restoration Process

The process to restore a roof can vary depending on the type of materials that need to be used. However, one of the main stages is to apply a waterproof roof coating. Thanks to this, the roof will last for a longer time. Mop-ups costs will be reduced because of the added protection against adverse weather conditions.


James Kelly is owner of Brisbane Roofing Solutions. James has over 25 years experience in Roof Restoration and is an industry expert in roofing solutions for the Queensland climate.


Tracey Munn
Tracey Munn
23:49 15 Nov 17
We have just had our tile roof restored by Brisbane Roofing Solutions. They guys did such an amazing job, our roof was in need of repair and upgrading, it looks like a brand new tile roof! Thanks so much to Jim and the team :)
clinton smith
clinton smith
09:56 23 Nov 17
The team of Brisbane Roofing Solutions did a wonderful job for our house. They were the consummate professionals in all areas of concern. They completed the project in four days. They were meticulous and left the job site in immaculate condition
Mason Sizer
Mason Sizer
11:02 05 Dec 17
I am very impressed with the work Brisbane roofing solutions did for my house. The best part is they have completed the task within the prescribed time and budget. Thank You so much!
Nolene Wood
Nolene Wood
09:52 16 Nov 17
Brisbane Roofing Solutions would have to be one of the most efficient, professional, respectful team of business people that delivers on quality and reliability. They get my vote in all areas of their business and if you choose them to restore your roof you have backed a winner. Well done!
John Chew
John Chew
15:50 28 Nov 17
Brisbane Roofing Solutions did a great job. I am really happy with roof restoration services. Friendly and genuine team that didn’t add any surprise cost at the end. I will definitely recommend to all.
Brown Jones
Brown Jones
05:22 14 Dec 17
I am very happy with the services. From the start to finish, everything was informed clearly. The best part is that they provided quality services at very reasonable cost. I would recommend Brisbane Roofing Solutions to all.
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