Why you should restore your roof

When it comes to maintaining/restoring the roof of your house, a lot of people have the attitude … “out of sight, out of mind”!  But burying one’s head in the sand can be asking for trouble.

In the same way that we maintain our cars to avoid major repair bills and extend the life of the vehicle … proactively looking after your roof is certainly the best way to avoid large unexpected repair/damage costs or having to replace it totally. And don’t forget … your roof is protecting everything underneath it, within your home!

 Do I need a roof restoration?

So, roof restoration, WHEN EXECUTED CORRECTLY, is an essential service to you, the home owner.

Why should you restore your roof?

Well, it all comes down to saving you money in the long run!

  • A well maintained roof is a reliable roof, delivering peace of mind for the home owner and protection against costly repair bills.


  • Roof restoration will definitely improve the visual appeal of your property which, in turn, protects the value of your home (makes send to look after your most substantial financial asset, doesn’t it?).


  • Restoring your roof with certified waterproof coatings will undoubtedly increase your roof’s lifespan – therefore saving you money over time.


  • Roof restoration is much more cost effective than replacing the entire roof. Everybody prefers a budget-friendly option!


  • Roof restoration waterproofs the tiles against rain and harsh weather – potentially saving you large mop-up costs!


  • “Do your bit” for the carbon footprint AND reduce your electricity costs! Restoring your roof with heat reflective coatings enables you to keep your home cooler (and reduce air condititoning costs).


  • A well maintained roof delivers a higher quality and purity of water run-off.


  • Repointing of the ridge tiles in flexipoint ridge security eliminates leaking ridge tiles and secures the ridge against wind uplift.


  • Avoid any nasty surprises! Insurance companies may not cover water damage if your roof is not maintained.


Now, we mentioned earlier that roof restoration is extremely beneficial WHEN EXECUTED CORRECTLY. And that’s the key! And doing the job properly doesn’t mean it’ll cost you more. It’s vitally important to choose a roof restoration company that’s highly experienced and uses only top-quality products.


Our expert team at Brisbane Roofing Solutions is fully trained, with complete understanding of the important of roof preparation! We stand by our service, with a 10 year written warranty on workmanship, products and leakage.


Our roof restoration processes includes;

  • Thoroughly pressure cleaning of the roof surface.
  • Proper sterilisation of the roof surface with a fungicidal wash to kill mould spores.
  • Using the correct primer/sealer for the roof surface. Adhesion of the membrane roof coating, whether it be concrete, terracotta, iron, or fibro, depends on the correct primer/sealer being applied. Use the wrong primer/sealer or use none at all and your wasting your hard earned money!
  • Surface rust must be treated. BRS use and recommend Penetrol rust inhibitor which seals out the moisture and stops the rust.
  • Finally applying a sufficient amount of roof coating to the roof surface is paramount to the durability and longevity of the restored roof.