Brisbane Roofing Solutions carry out roof inspections as part of our free quote process. This is an integral part of the quoting process! Without a site visit, it is impossible to know the exact condition of a roof. In this blog post, James the Owner of Brisbane Roofing Solutions shows you behind the scenes of one of our recent roof inspections.


Cracked tiles are one of the most common concerns found when carrying out roof inspections on tiled roofs. Especially if it has been years since any maintenance works have been carried out. This particular tile is called a Besser Viking and on this roof, we identified approximately 50 broken tiles!


During roof inspections, we also often come across siliconed tiles. Silicone is a great fix for many things, but roof tiles are not one of them! This can be a temporary solution to help prevent the cracked tile from leaking in the meantime. However, it rarely holds up in the long run (and just doesn’t look that great!). Jim has also quoted to replace these tiles as new tiles are definitely a better option.


Another major issue that is common on tiled roofs is cracked pointing

Pointing is a pre-mixed flexible material used for the completion of joints between ridge or hips and with roof tiles or tiles at gable ends. Cracks in this can cause water to seep through & cause internal leaks.

Bedding is a mixture of brickies/roofers’ loam & cement. This is what the ridge tile is laid on. On occasions when the condition of the bedding is in poor condition, re-bedding of the ridge capping may be required before re-pointing.


When inspecting this roof, Jim also sees large amounts of rust inside the gutters. In this case, we also make a recommendation that gutters would require replacement sometime in the near future.

Carrying out regular inspections and maintenance of your roof is important to ensure that it is secured and watertight to protect from rain & storms! If you think your roof is in need of maintenance or if you’d just like someone to inspect your roof contact the experts at Brisbane Roofing Solutions today!