what is nano protect roof coating

Brisbane Roofing Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality roof restorations that will stand the test of time. As part of this dedication James Kelly, owner of Brisbane Roofing Solutions, is continually on the lookout for innovative and quality products that will satisfy customers as well as hold up to his 10-year warranty. One of these products is the ‘Nano Protect SC-96’. In this blog post we will explain to you what this product is & what it can do for your roof.

What is Nano Protect?


Nano Protect is a revolutionary ultra-premium clear protective topcoat. Applying it to your roof can help prolong the life of the restoration. This is a 4th coat that can be applied to your roof, in addition to the coat of fungicidal wash/primer and two coats of colour.

What are the benefits of applying Nano Protect?

The most notable benefit of applying Nano Protect to your roof is to protect the longevity of the membrane coating & colour retention. Whilst all our roof coatings stand up to our 10-year warranty, in 10 years’ time you will notice that a roof that has had a coat of Nano Protect applied will have retained its colour better than one that has not.  The harder & denser film also has increased dirt, UV, & scratch resistance as well as excellent gloss retention.

How does the coating work?

This product makes use of nanotechnology which utilizes particle sizes thousands of times smaller than previously possible. This creates the harder & denser film which provides all the benefits listed above. A diagram of this difference in particle size can be seen below.

nano protect particle size

Will applying a coat of Nano Protect change the look of the paint?

This product is a clear protective topcoat and will not change the appearance of the colour coats underneath. However, the coat can enhance the glossy finish to the roof tiles. If you are interested in seeing some roofs completed by Brisbane Roofing Solutions using the Nano–Protect coating feel free to contact our friendly staff for some addresses near you!