How Much Does a New Roof Cost? 

How much does a new roof cost? Where do I start!

What’s the cost of a new roof?  Well, how long’s a piece of string?

The costs of a new roof, roof replacement and roof restoration are all completely dependent on the individual property. Each and every job we do has a number of factors we take into consideration, before preparing the most cost-effective quotation for you.

At Brisbane Roofing Solutions, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the very best outcome FOR YOU, while always keeping your hip pocket in mind! We have sustained and grown our business over 15 years due to very valuable word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials from satisfied customers – who’ve been rapt with the quality of our workmanship, our quality products and the customer service levels on which we pride ourselves. When it comes down to it, our clients feel they receive excellent value for money. And so will you!

What we CAN tell you here, is that a new concrete tiled roof for a single level 15 square home would cost somewhere in the vicinity of $2000 to $2500. But that still doesn’t really answer your question “what’s the cost of a new roof” for YOUR home.


So, how do you find out the cost of a new roof or roof restoration for YOUR home?

We’ll come out to your property, at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll spend up 30 – 60 minutes measuring and assessing your specific needs and then explain the options available to you. This is YOUR roof and YOUR hard-earned money, so we work with you, so there are no surprises! We’ll advise you on the differences and benefits of your various options and give you a clear indication of the timeline needed to complete your roof replacement or roof restoration.

These are just some of the things we consider when calculating the cost of your new roof:

  • Roof size
  • Roof slope
  • Roof complexity
  • New roofing material to be installed
  • Roofing underlay and accessories
  • Ventilation required
  • Roof flashing required
  • Rubbish disposal
  • Labour required

How much disruption will there be when installing my new roof?

Brisbane Roofing Solutions employs a fabulous team of highly-qualified roofers, and our skills are matched by our consideration for our clients! We’ll work as quickly and effectively as possible, respecting and understanding that this is your home! And you want to experience as little disruption as possible!

How long with your new roof take to install?

Again, a tricky one! It also depends on your specific requirements. But, using that generic example mentioned earlier, of a new concrete tiled roof for a single level 15 square home … you should be expecting up to 2 days.

Is it worth investing in the cost of a new roof?

We’d have to say, whether you’re replacing or restoring your roof for purely aesthetic reasons OR because you’re sick of the drips and plugging up the holes … the answer is a definite “YES”!

Your home is probably the single most valuable asset you’ll own in your lifetime. It’s what you’ve worked for. Replacing or restoring your roof isn’t something you just do for fun. It’s something you do to protect your financial investment. You’ll enjoy the immediate practical outcome AND reap the benefits when you come to sell a property that has been extremely well maintained. There are always homes on the market that haven’t been maintained, and their selling prices certainly reflect that!

What’s your next step?

Speak directly with the boss! James Kelly is the owner of Business Roofing Solutions and his business’s success is due to his outstanding reputation in the industry and his genuine upfront approach. Give James a call directly on 0417 798 084 and he’ll arrange to meet with you and prepare a quotation tailored to YOUR requirements and budget.