Never underestimate the power of the right exterior house colours to add personality, polish and presence to any home. When it comes to creating street appeal, your not-so-secret weapon is always going to be a few coats of quality paint in an appealing shade.

However, choosing the perfect colour can be overwhelming! It can sometimes feel like you are drowning in colour chips and still no closer to picking the colours for your roof restoration or home’s makeover.

The team at Brisbane Roofing Solutions has compiled this handy list of tips to help you out!

  1. Always select the main colour first, followed by the accent and trim colours. Lean large swatches against the front of the house, stand back, and view them from the street.
  2. Neutral & contemporary colour schemes that don’t clash with the neighbouring homes help to boost the potential worth and maximise appeal
  3. If your home is on the small side, you can paint your gable, fascia, eaves and windows with an accent colour that is lighter than the main colour. Visually, the use of a white accent makes this home’s proportions appear more substantial, enhancing its street appeal.
  4. Unless you want to make a feature of your downpipes, garage door and electricity box, paint them the same colour as your home’s exterior so they blend in rather than stand out.
  5. Use your garden, driveway, guttering and landscape as inspiration for your colour palette, to create subtle contrasts and an overall sense of harmony for your property. It’s also a good tip to take some of your cues and ideas from the surroundings of your home.
  6. Fences help frame the view of your house, and using a similar paint colour to the exterior trims creates a sense of connection between the house and the garden. The contrast in your walls and trims will highlight angles that you want to be the focus of your exterior.

Current Exterior House Colour Trends

At the moment we are seeing a large trend towards grey colours.

In this last year, 40% of our roof restorations have been completed in a grey colour and of these charcoal has certainly been the standout colour. Looking into 2019 it is predicted that we will see a change in trend towards some more ‘earthy’ tones. In the Globalcote range this would colours such as Fern Gully, Kasbah & Ironbark.

Check out some photos below of these popular colours as well as the Globalcote colour range for some inspiration!

If you are looking at completing either a full exterior restoration or a roof restoration contact Brisbane Roofing Solutions today! We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and answer any colour questions you may have!